Staff Development: Technology

Your task for this assignment is to complete a Professional Learning Plan for staff that relates to a School Improvement Plan. Refer to chapter 18 of
Glickman’s book for information, direction and ideas.
-The Scenario; you are in a school leadership position for a
• 6-8 school
• 600 students
• 25 teachers
• Approximately 80% of the students qualify for free and/or reduced meals
• located in a large district
• 5 computers and 1 SMART board per classroom
• School did not make AYP last year in math and reading at the 6th – 8th grades
• Your school has $10,000 for staff development this coming year
The system has recently installed each classroom with 5 student computers, 1 teacher laptop, and a Smartboard, all of which are connected to the network.
Your staff is comprised of about 40% veteran teachers (10+ years of experience), 40% have between 3-9 years of experience, and the rest are novice
teachers. All of the teachers are at moderate levels of development, expertise and commitment, and at the integration stage of technology usage.
Your goal is to create a plan for Staff Development that addresses the goals for the SIP (improve student performance in math and reading) and helps
teachers move toward more integration of technology with instruction.
*Resource: Supervision and Instructional Leadership by Glickman

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