Medical Health Care Practice Plan

Your final project is to design, ground up, a medical/health care practice of your choice. Everything from the nature of the practice, how many providers, type of specialty or multispecialty; buy or lease space; insurance issues; payroll; marketing/branding; medical records issues; when will it turn a profit; compliance; IT, new construction versus renovation of existing space costs etc.

How long does it have to be? Long enough to prove to me that this practice plan could be submitted to practice and get it up and running.

the general idea is to create a turnkey practice of the sort you desire (MD, Urgent care, dental, PT, psych etc)
picking a location
everything from how much to lease? buy?
renovation costs
equipment (everything from desks, computers to xray machines, diagnostic equipment etc.)
staff and salaries
medical records
anticipated income…time til profit.

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