Political, Economic and Legal Development

Write a 4- to 5-page paper (1000 to 1375 words) in APA format and thoroughly address the prompts below. Whenever possible, provide specific examples or recommendations. Be sure to cite all of your sources and include at least one outside source in this paper.

For this assignment, please select two specific countries (whose systems are different from each other) to compare as your focus. Provide a descriptive title or heading for your paper such as, “Political and Economic Developments in…” [MO 2.1, MO 2.2, MO 2.3, MO 2.4, MO 2.5]

Address all of the following prompts in your paper:

Explain in detail why and how the political systems of your chosen countries differ.
Discuss how the legal systems of your chosen countries differ.
Explain what determines the level of economic development of a nation and describe the economy of each country, including the level of technology used.
Discuss the macro-political and economic changes taking place worldwide and include examples.
Analyze how to transition economies are moving toward market-based systems.

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