Mental Health In The Work Place

Power Point Prensentation 10-15 slides ( not including title or reference slide) power point presentation on the proposed health policy.

Examine the similiarities, differences, pros and cons of an existing health police and develop their own in oder to address the assigned health issues.

Items to examine include (but not limited to) reasoning to why you choose this policy: age group or population; financial cost; and healthcare goal(s) etc.

Presentation needs to be 15 minute visual presentation (i.e. Powerpoint or similar to educated the class on the health care.

A 1-2 paper on the health care policy that accompanies the presentation (APA) style with a pamphlet on mental health in the work place.

Please use spell check, citations and grammar /spell check.

Use graphs see if people have mental health days from work and how do the work place approach people with mental health issues and they do how does the work place handled the situation in the proper manner.

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