Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension in the new born (PPHN)


This should be approximately one to one and a half pages in length. It should be properly cited, should not contain any personal opinion. Pay particular attention to the correct use of et al.

Statement of the problem:

This should be approximately one or two paragraphs in length and is the statement of WHAT problem the project will investigate.

Purpose of the study:

The purpose of this study is. This should be approximately one to one or two paragraphs and is an explanation of WHY it is important to study the problem identified.

Research Questions:

The following questions guide this project. What questions about the problem intend to find the answers to with the review of the literature. Should have 2-4/5 GENERAL questions.
Literature Review:

This should be the bulk of the paper project. this section of the paper should be approximately 12-14 pages in length, containing peer-reviewed sources and well cited. This section should be written in past tense (the authors concluded, not the authors conclude).


Research question 1 should be typed here as the heading
Base on the literature presented in that section of the project, what conclusion can be made about the research questions? This format should be repeated for each of the questions. The length can be varied.

Base on the conclusion, what does the work mean? What changes to practice should occur, etc. the length of this section of the project varies, based upon complexity and number of research questions.


This section MUST have a minimum of 15 references. May use 2 reliable URL/Internet sources (if citing an article from a print journal using an internet search. should be correctly cited.


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