Nativism labor and chinese immigration

Please see attached after reading prompt.
Your assignment is to write a two-page essay using only the provided primary document readings. First, analyze the content of “Our Misery and Despair.”
Notice that the authors spend roughly the first half of their article condemning the “money men,” the bankers and business owners who dominated the U.S. economy in the late 19th century.
How do Kearney and Knight link the “bloated aristocracy” with Chinese migration?
What arguments do Kearney and Knight make for restricting Chinese immigration?
How do the issues of race and labor intersect in this document?
After completing your analysis of the Kearney article, read the piece by McDonnell.
What arguments does he make regarding immigration?
Whom does he regard as the “villains” with regard to labor issues in the United States in the late 19th century?
Finally, complete your essay with an evaluation of the issues of race and labor in the industrial United States during this time period. How are they intertwined and entangled
Note: McDonnell makes reference to the “Know Nothing” movement. The “Know Nothing” political party (officially called the American Party) arose in the 1850s. This short-lived party was strongly opposed to immigration.
Must include some quotes in the paragraphs. As well as a thesis statement in the introduction and topic sentences at the beginning of every paragraph

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