Gender Stereotypes in Advertisements

a) illustrates an accurate description of content analysis as it applies to qualitative methods supported by classroom concepts;
b) provides a detailed content analysis (with matrix) of a particular form of popular media (via either 30-plus minutes of content, 20-25 images, or some other parameter (instructor permission for which must have been obtained prior to the submission of this assignment); and
c) identifies extant gaps in the literature and recommends further research in the content analysis area based upon the findings of your analysis.
Make sure that you clearly indicate if your approach is relational or conceptual. Regardless of the type of content method you choose, make sure that you mention possible patterns or themes in your essay. Last, content analysis is often triangulated with other methods. When you address extant gaps in the literature and recommendations for future research, you should posit a complementary method of inferential testing for content analysis and your media selection.
Your paper should utilize sound critical thought, refer to course materials, and be written in APA format as per the 7th Ed. (to include a title page, abstract, appropriate in-text citations and a reference page).

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