Organizational Leadership – Company case studies and sythesis paper on trends

Directions for the synthesis paper and case studies:
Step One: Complete Mini Case Studies
Review the following case studies from the textbook, Organizational Behavior, and answer the questions associated with each. Answer each question in complete sentences using proper grammar, sentence structure, and spelling. The answers to each case study should be on a separate page with the title of
the case at the top of the page. See attached template as a guide.
• 2.5: Managing Diversity at IBM
• 4.6: People Come First at SAS
• 9.7: Green Teams at New Seasons Market
• 12.7: Leadership Development at Starbucks
Step Two: Synthesis Paper
Write a three to four page synthesis paper that addresses the six trends and changes that Nagle cited. Use evidence from these four case studies that
explains the impact of these trends and changes on organizations. Please note that some trends and changes are represented in multiple case studies. Your synthesis paper should include an introduction and descriiption of the trends and changes. Your paper should then compare and contrast how organizations have responded to these trends and changes. You should critically evaluate how organizations responded to these trends and changes by citing positive and consequences of certain actions. Your sources may be course materials or other materials that focus on organizational behavior and organizational leadership. Create a separate heading for each trend and change in the paper. Finally, synthesize the impact of these trends and changes in conclusion. Conclude your paper with two to three actions you will take as a leader in an organization to properly respond to these trends and changes.

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