Proctor and Gamble – A Model of Innovative Outsourcing

Read the case study on Proctor and Gamble – A Model of Innovative Outsourcing.
Answer the following questions:
How did P&G’s decision to centralize and standardize global business services in the 1990s enable it to effectively outsource business services starting in 2003?
How has outsourcing benefited both P&G and its strategic outsourcing partners?
How does P&G’s strategic alliance management system help it avoid the pitfalls of outsourcing? What risks does the system not address?
Procter and Gamble generated $83 billion in sales worldwide in 2013. What advantage does this give it in negotiating outsourcing contracts with its strategic partners? Can smaller companies achieve similar outsourcing success with a smart outsourcing strategy? Why or why not?
What lessons can large companies and governments take away from P&G’s success with outsourcing?
Use MS Word formatted according to APA guidelines to compose your answers.
Review the associated rubric for scoring criteria.
Save your Word file with your name in the file title to a location you can easily access (perhaps your OneDrive account).
Upload your work to this assignment folder and/or add a comment, then click on Submit to assignment folder.
Keep your D2L confirmation email of your submission

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