Permissibility of same sex marriage argumentative essay

Argue about the permissibility of same-sex marriage. Your paper is to bring to bear a historical perspective and a feminist perspective on your arguments. In other words, if you argue against allowing same sex marriage, then you need to use one of the historical perspectives as your support, and you need to acknowledge and defend your view against a feminist critique. Again, you may use the historical and feminist perspective of your choice (but you save time using what you have written before). You are also to include the ideas found in lectures and readings on homosexuality & marriage.
This is not a research paper in the sense that you go out and find your own sources. Rather, your research is done within the confines of the texts provided—there is more than enough in what I have posted to write this paper. (You only need source the fact that you obtained the quote from a particular reading. You need not worry about the page number or the publication information—I have all of that on file and you will not be graded on the unorthodox citations for this project.).
While your paper is in essence your own arguments about the issues surrounding same sex marriage, but it is not an exercise in purely subjective attitudes.
You begin by stating your opinion (I will argue that … ) but the rest of your paper is spent giving explanations, reasons, justifications, and defences of that opinion, using the ideas of others to back up your claims. I want you to insert quotes from the authors you utilize in your paper, taken from the readings. One to two short quotes per page of your essay is about average

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