Achieving Operational Efficiency in Outpatient medical offices through the Use of Electronic Forms

This PROJECT will analyze and evaluate how outpatient medical offices can become more efficient and eliminate costs by updating their paper FORMs (document such as agreements, medical releases, consents) approach to a digital one. As the world digitizes in many industries, paperwork is becoming obsolete. Management can be considered efficient if relevant and reliable information is regularly available. It is inevitable for the manager to develop a digital cloud for an effective reporting system for future planning, forecasting, controlling, and execution of business processes. The main objective of six sigma is to implement a strategy to improve the organization’s efficiency and production. It prepares us with the best problem-solving tools. In healthcare organizations, six sigma is applied to enhance the business process and improve operations. Utilizing the Six Sigma model, we aim to digitally collect all patients’ consents and signatures. In addition, we plan to cut the paper supply purchasing for more than half of what we currently buy.

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