Personal Health Philosophy Statement

Review the example philosophy statements on pages 83 & 84 in your textbook. Since you are new to the profession, this will likely feel like a stretch, and that is okay. Follow the instructions for crafting your own statement given on page 85.

List your personal values and beliefs
Describe what “health” means to you
List attributes of people you admire and trust
List health outcomes you would like to see from the process of health education/health promotion
Identify common themes in your lists

Write about 500 words describing your own philosophy of health and health education/health promotion
Please treat the first five steps in these instructions as your brainstorming session, then write your philosophy statement “fresh” as a flowing synthesis of the themes and understanding you have gained from your brainstorming experience.

I encourage you to use this piece of writing to start your own Digication ePortfolio. This can be a great way for you to showcase the work you do throughout the program, and you can use this as a tool to highlight your accomplishments upon graduation.

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