Internship essay experience

The following format should be utilized in the preparation of your final report. It must be typewritten
in essay format. In addition to the cover page, the content of the report should be at least full 3 pages
with at least 1200 words). Deductions will be taken for spelling and other grammar errors. No late
submissions will be accepted or graded.
I. Cover Page (1 page)
• Student’s name
• Agency and address
• Field supervisor’s name & title/role with the agency
• Dates of Field Services from start to finish
• Semester and course in which the student is enrolled
II. Report Content (minimum 3 full pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point,
1-inch margins on all sides)
A. Introduction
1. Description of the agency and its service area and population
2. The role of Health Education within the agency
B. A brief description/summary of:
1. Major responsibilities
2. Highlight major activities
• Include a sample of work as discussed in the midterm (last class) meeting
3. Your field experience and its relevance to your career
4. Your opinion of adequate working space and/or equipment to complete your
5. Your opinion of your level of supervision (adequate, lacking, areas for potential
improvement, etc.)
6. Your thoughts about your academic work at the University of Houston
(Were you adequately for your field experience? If so, provide detail. If
not, what were your weaknesses? Provide suggestions for improvements.)
7. Rate your experience on a scale from 0 (extremely dissatisfied) to 10 (phenomenal
experience) and provide a rationale for the selected rating
8. Suggestions for future field placements
9. Recommendations of this agency for future placements
C. Final summary statement
1. Do you feel your experience was helpful to your professional and/or
personal growth and development?
2. Did you learn new information or skills (or improve upon existing
3. Provide any additional, relevant summative information or details about the

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