Personal Leadership Development Portfolio

1. Research the position or role you hope to hold within the next 2-5 years as well as the likely industry / hierarchal context in which it would exist (now is the time to think about and research this). If you are about to enter, or have recently entered a new role, you may focus your writing on that current/ or near-term situation. Length: 1.0 pages maximum.
2. Using the results of the various 8 self-assessments questionnaires (Leadership Trait Questionnaire, Skills Inventory Questionnaire, Leadership Behavior
Questionnaire, Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ) Form 5X-Short, Authentic Leadership Questionnaire, Path–Goal Leadership Questionnaire, Adaptive Leadership questionnaire and finally Ethical leadership style questionnaire) done throughout this course, describe from amongst your various leadership or followership tendencies (ie: styles, behaviors, attitudes, etc.) that you think would pose the greatest potential advantages and disadvantage
(i.e., Strength and weakness) in the role to which you aspire. The tendencies may be those negatives ones you are prone to exhibit or those positive ones you lack. Be sure to describe these natural tendencies using the results of the corresponding self-assessments and support these results with clear, and relevant, personal examples as to how these strength and weaknesses have already been demonstrated.
Also state what are the major factors that shape your present leadership styles, behaviors and attitudes?
Length: 4 pages maximum.
3. Justify why / how these natural tendencies would be potentially advantageous and disadvantageous specifically on your future career by relating it to what you envision will be needed for effective leadership within the organization of your choosing. The expectation for this ‘justifications’ section is that all…

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