Personal Statement of Ethics

According to Carroll and Buchholtz (2015), business ethics is “concerned with the morality and fairness in behavior, actions, policies, and practices that take place within a business context.” With that definition in mind, this final assignment should describe what one believes to be the best way to live and work as an ethical leader in a business organization. Topics can include, among others:
A definition of business ethics.
The importance of ethical leadership in business organizations.
Individual and organizational duties and responsibilities and how they relate to promoting the mission and vision of a business organization.
Specific principles and virtues critical to the character of a business leader.
As the course advances, each student should continuously assess the characteristics of ethical character they believe crucial to successfully leading business in domestic and global markets. By exploring the various ethical theories studied, cases posed, and conclusions reached, students will craft a 4–5 page document (not inclusive of title/reference pages) that:
Reflects various ethical theories
Incorporates concepts from the course textbook, video lectures, academic journals, and other course materials
Identify the strengths and limitations of one’s ethical stance
Indicate some challenges this statement presents to the student in terms of business leadership and corporate responsibility
Submission Guidelines
4–5 pages of writing and analysis
Reference page
Formatted according to APA guidelines

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