The War on Terror Torture Dehumanization

Please format—either showing the Questions–and your answers—or if using a Memo Format –or paper format—include headings and subheadings so
possible to know what questions are being addressed. Please think about appropriate citations–writing format.

After reading Slahii’s Book, watching the movie, and reading material about US Torture Memos published in the NYTimes by different officials in the Bush
Administration. the material in Dances with Chains, the Geneva Conventions, and other class materials—including videos on the subject, please answer the
following questions. In class we had several presentations on the use of torture, dehumanization, the situation in Guantanamo.
Everyone needs to submit their own assignment
Attached is a list of questions that can be used.
For use in Writing Your Report
Submit a minimum of 5 paragraphs, using academic formatting.
What was the situation in Guantanamo–and in the US at the time this program of Extraordinary Rendition started? How is it different today? What aspects a…

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