Personal Statement Walden University

(Optional Statement
Additional 1 page may be used to provide any additional information (if applicable) that you would like to make the
Admissions Committee aware of regarding your academic history (i.e. low GPA, low grades, etc)—- in this part of the page that page be about my low grades
and how I improved and what makes me a great applicant even with that.
1. Why do you want to attend Concordia University Irvine’s ABSN Program?
2. Discuss your healthcare experiences. Include the following: type(s) of work/volunteer experience, type(s) of
patient/facility/hours, and certifications (if any, provide a copy).
3. What are your expectations of nursing as a career?
4. Explain how the ABSN program will contribute to your long term career goals.
5. Re-apply students only: In addition to the above questions, briefly explain your reason(s) for re-applying and
describe any additional activities/experiences you have participated in since your last application.

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