Philip Randolph’s role in the labor and civil rights movement

This should be an overview of A. Philip Randolph’s career as a labor union leader and civil rights advocate. Please note that this should NOT be a mini biography of him from birth till death. Instead, this should focus broadly on the period from 1925-1963 and the events in between that best illustrate Randolph’s involvement in the causes of labor rights and civil rights. (FYI: 1925 is when he founded the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters union; 1963 is when the famous March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom happened, which he helped organize).
I have attached a PDF to this order. It is a copy of a book called “A. Philip Randolph – A Life in the Vanguard” by Andrew E. Kersten. Please use this as your #1 main source.
Having said that, there is another book out there called “The March on Washington: Jobs, Freedom, and the Forgotten History of Civil Rights” by William P. Jones which I was unable to find. IF you search for it and somehow find the full book, then please use this as an additional source as well. IF NOT, that’s fine
– you can just use the Kersten book then.
Last note: this should be formatted in Chicago style, meaning that in-text citations should look like, for example: (Johnson 1998)
And for general context: the reason I labelled this order a ‘Thesis’ is because this will be one chapter/part of a bigger thesis project I am working on.

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