PICOT Postpartum Patients

Perineal discomfort can be a substantial problem for postpartum patients. What is the best non-pharmacological method of reducing perineal pain post vaginal delivery?
In post-partum patients post vaginal delivery, what is the effectiveness of non-pharmacological methods compared to pharmacological methods in reducing perineal pain?”
P: Patient Population: Post-partum patients post vaginal delivery
I: Intervention: Non-pharmacological methods
C: Comparison: Pharmacological methods
O: Outcome: Reducing perineal pain
Week 2 Assignment – Group Literature Review and Appraisal
Each team member is expected to search for the best available evidence and to critically appraise the literature sources identified. Each student will
individually submit their keywords, search grid, and a table of ten sources to the team room in Brightspace as well as submitting them here for grading.

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