Policies and Procedures Standard Under HIPAA

Policies and Procedures
You are the health information manager at a medium-sized suburban medical-surgical facility in the Northeast. You have been asked by the compliance
officer of the facility to discuss the policies and procedures standard under HIPAA at a facility-wide in-service to clinicians and staff.
Analyze the specific policies and procedures implementation requirements you will discuss at in-service.
Include the following aspects in the discussion:
Discuss what is meant by reasonable and appropriate policies and procedures.
Explain why the Security Rule doesn’t specify policies or procedures but leaves it to the entity to determine.
Research one example in your community. Provide a link and a brief description of a policy or procedure that would meet the Security Rule.
Respond to your peers’ posts.
Cite any references. Use proper grammar, sentence structure, and spelling at all times. Copying and pasting is not allowed. Always use your own words.

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