Nursing Informatics Efficiency Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

As nursing professionals, we are dependent on knowledge acquisition and recording. In this assignment, you will learn how to apply a systems development tool to nursing needs and workflow in a meaningful way.
You will submit this discussion based on Chapters 9 & 13 of the informatics textbook along with your peer-reviewed research.
Post your initial response no later than 11:55 pm of the date posted on the course calendar.
Consider the Electronics systems used at the place you work. If not currently working in healthcare, consider the systems used in a former healthcare job or clinical site while in nursing school. Identify the weaknesses and strengths based on Workflow Analysis. This part of the assignment will be based on your own experiences and observations but must also be supported from the literature.
How would you implement the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to improve the system weaknesses and needs you identified? What approach to the SDLC would you take, if you were in charge of the changes to be made? Support your analysis, recommendations, and approach from the literature.
Your initial post to the DF must have at least 2 peer-reviewed resources, cited and referenced.

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