Program Grant in Healthcare Program

This assignment is to develop a health-related program and write a proposal for funding for the program. Below are the requirements for the program grant proposal. The idea program would include an after-school nutrition and healthy cooking program for children in underserved populations. Please use the bolding headings in the paper. Please read the transcript of the video of how the proposal should write. I was hoping to find out if I can send over the audio of the instructions. If you can let me know I can send to you so you can understand what professor wants.
Program Grant Proposal Guidelines
3-4 double-spaced, typewritten pages (can be longer but does not need to be longer), 12-point font and one inch margins. Pages/paragraphs listed below are only approximations.
Specific Aims (1-2 paragraphs)
State the aim of the program.
Identify the problem the program aims to solve
Must use research or data-based facts for the specific aims (citations needed)
General Program Description (1-2 paragraphs)
1. Write a 1 paragraph description of your program
Target Population (1-2 paragraphs)
Describe the population that will benefit from the program.
Why do they need the program?
Must use research or data-based facts to describe the target population
Project Description (1-2 pages)
Goal(s) (at least one) (may need more to cover entire project)
Objectives (2 objectives)
Activities (specific activities that will take place to achieve each objective)
Evaluation Plan
1) Construct a logic model
Budget (1 table) Include:
1) a line-item budget with dollar amounts for each activity/need
Conclusion (1 paragraph)
Summary of the proposal’s main points
Reference List, Appendices (does not count in page limit) References in APA format; Appendices

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