Women and Gender in Islam

You are working on a Research Paper–provide a tentative title and topic that is well-conceptualized. Then generate or produce Annotated Bibliography (AB) of about 5 recognized books and 5 articles/volume chapters (peer-reviewed journals and scholarly volumes) using newly researched secondary sources to be incorporated into your paper. A significant portion of this research should be recent and impactful in the field (e.g. should consist of top peer-reviewed academic journals and well-reviewed books published with academic presses). For each Book, each entry should consist of about a page single-spaced, and for each article or book chapter, there should be no more than 6-8 sentences. These should consist of a description or set of notes summarising the author’s main claims or argument, your assessment of the strengths/weaknesses of this, and how you envision using this source in your future research project — e.g., for which part or section of your research paper, how you see it bolstering key claims or a position that you will be representing/extending/critiquing.
You should continue to refine your AB step-by-step and if you want to apply this AB to an actual paper you are working on, all the better! Your AB should be no less than 6-8 pages.

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