Quantitive Statistics Assignment Help

This assignment will show you how to use and interpret data and statistics. Since the department paper (argumentative essay) (100pts) requires the use of statistics and 1 or more graphs, you will need to become acquainted with legitimate data sources and also how to interpret it. Watch my quick tutorial for this assignment on Youtube:

So, let’s explore some data! I have looked for user-friendly websites and believe that the General Social Survey is as by far the friendliest and user friendly.
First, you will need to go here:
Second, click on “ GSS Data explorer” on the very top. Next, click on “ Key trends” at the very top.
You will now see the following themes displayed “Gender &Marriage,” “Current Affairs,” “Civil Liberties” etc.
This semester students are permitted to pick their own topic areas. However, there must be data available on the topic from either the GSS or the World Values Survey websites ONLY! If you decide to use the World Values Survey check the other instruction sheet which I will make available on Blackboard. :

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