Reflection Learning Essay Help

Week 6: Reflection on Learning
Write 1-2 paragraphs reflecting oncaring and culture in the NP role. Provide one specific example of how you achieved the weekly objectives. What personal values, if any, were challenged this week?
What values can you reaffirm or want to reconsider after this learning?
Week 6: Reading
Butts, B. J. & Rich, L. K. (2018). Philosophies and theories for advanced nursing practice (3rd ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning. Chapters 22, 23
McCormack, B., & McCance, T. (2017). Person-centred practice in nursing and health care (Links to an external site.). Theory and practice (2nd ed.). Wiley
Purnell, L. (2005). The Purnell model for cultural competence (Links to an external site.). The Journal of Multicultural Nursing & Health, 11(2), 7-15.

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