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Perform a complete cooling load calculation for STEM building (considering 1st floor only
with double vestibule doors and roof on it) in a typical day in August 21st (Assuming a
a typical school day in session). Based on the cooling load calculation design duct system
for the rooms and hallway assuming the conditioned air will be supplied from a separate
air conditioning unit from outside the STEM building. Here are the deliverable for the
1. Draw a layout for the rooms to be conditioned i.e. with the necessary dimension
2. List all the criteria or design conditions as described in ASHRAE Handbook or using
Radiant time series method
3. Provide a sample hand calculation for an hourly load calculation with detailed
equations, references (tables/figures used), and steps
4. Provide an excel sheet (hard and soft copy) showing hourly cooling load and total
cooling load for a typical day in August
5. Show the duct systems layout with duct size, Fan total power and dampening
6. Provide a sample calculation for pressure drop in a branch and provide an excel sheet
(hard and soft copy) for pressure drop in each run (duct branch)
Resources Provided:
1. Floor plan
2. Sample equipment list

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