Religious Perspectives Judaism

3,000 word essay. Aim for a solid grade ~70%.

Essay is in book chapter-review format:
“Write a review of Daniel B. Schwartz’s chapter “The Early History of the Ghetto” from his book Ghetto, Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2019, pp. 9–48.”

All files are in PDF format, and I titled which texts should be addressed more – the book chapter, for analysis itself, is also provided.

Last two materials concerning Locke and Modena are compiled; for Modena, who describes the life of a Jew, at the time:
Modena’s youth, studies & famous sermons: pp. 75–87, 95–96 alchemists, noblemen, criminals: pp. 106–122
conflict & censored books: pp. 143–151

For Locke, who covers the ways of thinking at the time: 14–33 (principles), 37–42 (Jews), 45–47 (limits of tolerance), 50–53 (conclusion: Christians, Jews, Muslims, pagans).

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