Research Paper Proposal mental health conditions and felony crimes

Intro to Research Methods Guidelines on Assignment: Research Design Proposal The assignment requires you to design a study to answer the research topic that you proposed in the first assignment (Research Topic & Literature Review). This assignment requires you to cite references by following the APA formatting style (  The Research Project will need to include the following categories:
• Title of the study — the title is a single sentence (in general) stating what your research examines.

1. Introduction (Brief summary of your research) — 20 points

• Purpose of the study (Summarize the research findings from FIVE articles — you can use the suitable articles from the previous assignment.)

• Importance of the study

2. Current Study — 15 points

• Research Question

• Research Hypothesis

3. Method — 40 points

• Research Design

✓ Type of the Research Model (ex. experimental design or quasi-experimental design or etc.)

✓ Threats to Internal Validity

• Research Data

✓ Target Population

✓ Sampling Method

✓ Data Collection

• Measurement

✓ Variables (define the dependent and independent variables)

✓ Scales of Measurement

✓ Validity and Reliability of the Measurement

4. References –15 points List the FIVE references of the articles by following the APA formatting style.

5. Format requirements — 10 points Font size -12; Font – Times New Roman; Paragraph — Double Space; Margins – linch.

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