Safety, Quality, and Informatics Instructions

Safety, Quality, and Informatics Instructions

8-10 pages

5 references

Identify a major patient-safety issue within your organization (falls in a nursing home) and use

evidence-based best practices and technology to develop a plan to improve the safety issue.

Use sub headings for all of the following:

1.Describe a patient safety issue and explore likely causes of the issue while evaluating currently used organizational processes for handling patient safety issues in terms of the evidence-based concepts, principals, and practices that contribute to quality improvement and patient safety.

  1. Analyze the legal and ethical consequences of not addressing patient-safety issues and describe the impact on the organization from a financial and regulatory perspective.
  2. Evaluates evidence-based interventions, including technology, to address specific patient-safety issue

to determine the most appropriate intervention for the organization and the safety issue.

  1. Analyze the most effective strategies to overcome specific organizational barriers to change.


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