Schizophrenia Pharmacotherapy Plan Case Study Critique Essay Paper

Schizophrenia Pharmacotherapy Plan Case Study Critique Essay Paper


The Case Study Critiques constitute a significant learning portion of this course, and you are expected to put forth a thoughtful and scholarly effort. These assignments will enable you to apply the information on medications you learned from the lecture slides and textbook to patient cases. You will learn to critique other proposals to pharmacotherapy based on literature and evidence.


In this course, you will complete three Case Study Critiques. For each Case Study Critique, you will select the Case Study analysis in the assigned week and provide a critique of the plan.The Case Study Critiques are expected to be academic in nature and insightful. Hence, it is inappropriate and of little academic value to state, “I agree with the
pharmacotherapy plan.” You must provide a rationale and properly referenced evidence to support your critique. In order to receive maximum credit, multiple sources must be cited. Likewise, if you disagree with the plan, be sure to include an alternative recommendation with supporting evidence. Each critique will use a minimum of three literature references to support comments. The Case Study Critiques must be completed in Microsoft Word and conform to proper current APA format. You are required to write a minimum of five pages for each analysis and critique. To ensure consistency and quality of effort, reference and follow the examples provided. Typically, a well-done critique will be 5-10 pages.

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