Team Quality and Safety Case Study

Hello and welcome to your team collaboration site for the Team Quality and Safety Case Study in NUR 687. This project is not a night-before project! DO NOT put it off! Follow the timeline below. Complete all your work within Office 365; faculty will be following your progress here. Once your team is completed with all sections you will then upload the final document to BlueLine for grading.
NOTE: Some groups assign a color for each team member and provide a legend for faculty to identify which team member is responsible for each section.
The purpose of this assignment is to critically analyze quality improvement and its relationship to service, patient safety, and improved outcomes and analyze local, regional, and national nursing practices for benchmarking outcomes with national quality indicators.
This is a TEAM project. Every team member must participate in progress postings and zoom meetings. Your team will be posting your progress on the assignment and Zoom meetings via Office 365 through your collaborative BlueLine site.
The table below is a modified version of strategies and factors which appear to contribute to performance improvement on core measures. These measures are associated with quality and safety in healthcare organizations as reported by the Commonwealth Fund (2020).
Part 1: Team Case Study Review (25pts); See Case Study Rubric
Your team has been provided with six case studies to read and review in the course modules for Weeks 8 -11. Collaborate with your team members, and from your team’s analysis of the case studies, identify which Organization best exemplified the quality and safety strategy. Provide 3-4 bullet points in the table below illustrating how quality and safety strategies were met.
Part 2: Team Case Study (75pts); See Team Quality and Safety Case Study Rubric
Now you have a better understanding of strategies and factors which contribute to performance improvement core measures with quality and safety. As a team, develop your own case study. You may use an experience from an organization in which one of you work, you can use parts of an experience from an organization in which one of you work, or you can “make up” a case study. Throughout the case study, provide evidence to support the case study. Your case study should include the organizational description, identification of the quality or safety concern, data analytics and benchmarking, quality and safety strategies utilized for success and results. This follows the methods used to present the case studies you read and reviewed.

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