Theory of Planned Behavior

Write a paper on or using an identifiable communication theory for submission to an academic journal or conference. The paper must be in APA style and should be written for a particular journal or conference. If you write your paper for an academic journal, be sure to check and see if the editors of the journal have placed a limit on the number of pages you may submit for publication consideration. If there are no requirements as to the length of the paper, you are free to write up to 25 pages (note: typical papers range anywhere from 18-25 pages); otherwise, adhere to the journal guidelines (the guideline documentation must be included with your paper). Either original research or a critical analysis of a theory is acceptable for this assignment, but it must be written for publication in a communication journal or for presentation at a specific communication conference (call for papers must be included with your paper). Keep in mind, that this is a scholarly work so a 7–8-page paper that simply reviews a theory is not an acceptable paper. This does account for half your grade so it’s important to get this one right

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