Think Tanks and FEMA Policy

Examine FEMA from the point of view of two different think tanks and the Government Accounting Office (GAO).
Here’s some background information on FEMA.
Now take a look at two reports on FEMA. One is from the Cato Institute ( floods-failures-federalism) and the other is from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) (
GAO is NOT a think tank. It is a government organization.
review each of these and then locate a report/post from another think tank/research group (preferably a liberal think tank for balance).
Here’s a list of the policy think tanks in the US.
critically analyze the information shared from the think tanks.
What specific roles do these think tanks have, which policy actors seem to be driving this specific tank, what were the differences and similarities in the recommendations made for FEMA, distinguish any bias and what was it, and identify any problems with the rationale or reasoning utilized?
Be sure to provide the name of the think tank you reviewed and a link to their discussion on FEMA.
stay on the topic of the discussion. This week, that is analysis of FEMA by think tanks and GAO.

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