Comparative Analysis of Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud (Religion)

The paper invites you to pursue a comparative examination of the classical thinkers of our course, whose theories of conflict and change played a decisive role in the formation of contemporary culture, art, and politics. As much as their methods vary, Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud meet in a shared critique (or, “hermeneutics of suspicion”) of self, value and society. But they also diverge in their analytical categories, critical methods, and theoretical vocabulary: historical materialism, post-metaphysical philosophy, and theory of the unconscious, respectively. In your paper, therefore, you are expected to articulate points of contrast as well as convergence in their writings from a specific lens. Your paper should critically discuss the value and limits of each of these thinkers’ methods of critique, and their respective diagnoses of modern culture and society.
Surrounding the theme of religion, this paper is a comparative analysis of religion from the three thinkers’ perspectives. I will upload an outline, and the draft corrected by the instructor. Please use only the sources I’ve uploaded.

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